Blog Post Number One.

I’d like to say before I continue that I will not number these blogs…can you imagine. What if I actually keep up with this? And then I wrote something horrible that my crazy aunt sees and then feel pressure to delete the numbered post and then all my post will then be numbered improperly. Can you imagine the panic in an OCD person’s head? I mean, come on! I’m slightly OCD, but only on things that I can control (get it?, ha)!

So because this is the first post I want it to be something that I have been thinking about, and no it isn’t original. Which isn’t new nothing I do/say/think is original. I tend to read/watch/peruse a lot of different sermons and one of my favorite pastors preached on “Changing Your Life”…oh wouldn’t that be great…but really. If you can change your perspective you can change your life. Here are Ray’s five points:

  • Changing your thinking can change your beliefs.
  • Changing your beliefs can change your expectations.
  • Changing your expectations can change your attitude.
  • Changing your attitude can change your behavior.
  • Changing your behavior can change your life!

Okay so that’s it. That’s my first post. If anyone ever reads it let me know. I plan on trying to write a couple of posts Monday thru Friday, varying on busy-ness of my day. Luckily, this thing has a mobile app so I will be able to add it to my phone and maybe my life can be more productive by not playing the best game ever TRIVIA CRACK! (Seriously, don’t download) ((Except it’s awesome, so do it!))


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