Word of the day.

So for the year I decided my word is “GROW”. I want to grow in my faith, grow as a person, grow muscles (ha), have my nails grow and grow up (a little). But for today my word is “EXPECTORANT”…what a word. It seems very haughty, but it isn’t. It’s a medicine that helps you get the mucous out…yucka. And with that I’m letting you, the reader, know that I have yucka yucka mucous. It’s making it hard to breathe, but it is what it is. I’m going to the doctor this afternoon. *Side note: If you live in a small town you can pick when you go to the doctor on short notice.*

On another side note…how much do you think Kate Upton got paid to be the model for the game of war app? I play far too much Trivia Crack and I see her all the time in the ads…they run them constantly. At this point, I feel like I know her. So since I think we are friends, I hope she got paid a lot. Way to go Kate! Keep the dream alive!gameAND it’s my dad’s birthday today. He’s 50! Technically he’s my step-dad but you wouldn’t know it. He has always treated me like his and oddly enough we even look kind of alike. So if you know my dad tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He’s awesome.


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