Catching up to momma.

Do you remember when you were little and your mom always seemed older and wiser? Then you got a little older say, 12, and then you started realizing that they (all moms) are humans who make mistakes, then around 18 they are just silly people who don’t really know what you’re going through? Then around 23 you want them back in your life but not parenting you just kind of there? Then about 28, if you’re lucky, they become more like friends?

Now we are officially (Unofficially, if you have Peter Pan Syndrome) adults because we are 30(!) and you look in the mirror, you say something specific, you organize your house in such a way that can only be explained as your mom reincarnated…

I always shuddered at the thought of being like my mom. Not that she isn’t anything short of being my great momma but I think everyone has a little of that fear of turning into their parents. But as I’m walking around in a robe, my very thick glasses on, huge cup of coffee in my hand, strangely staring at all the house work I need to do but can’t because of this FLU, I see myself in the mirror.

I’m my mom.


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