Flu away. (Aren’t I punny?)

I had the flu. HAD the FLU. I think it went away. All the literature says to wait 24 hours after your fever goes away before you go back to work/school. Well, I never had fever (that I know of) and I realize that I was very fortunate because I didn’t have it as bad as some people. I bet God knew that I couldn’t handle anything more than what I had. I cried about six times because of stupid reasons…let me give you a couple of examples:

  1. I cried because my house wasn’t clean. My poor husband, who isn’t a tidy person, had been waiting on me hand and foot but didn’t pick up after himself or my toddler…which if you know anything about the husband/toddler combo you know they aren’t clean…and the realization that just walking to the kitchen was exhausting and I literally could not clean my house made me cry.
  2. I cried because I thought I would lose my job. Now, you would think that I work for a place that requires doctors notes and hand written excuses from the pope to get out of work. I don’t. I actually work for very generous and loving people. One person told me to take the whole week off because he didn’t want me to spread the virus. He LITERALLY screamed when he saw me today. So I cried yesterday but getting a man to scream at my presence made me laugh today. BTW, it’s Tuesday. I only missed two hours on Friday and all day Monday.

I hope that my kids don’t get it. I hope YOUR kids don’t get it. My friend, who screamed at me, has a daughter who is a teacher and she had 12 of her 22 students out with the flu at a given point last week. So, let’s pray for our teachers. For of the many, many things they have to put up with, illness shouldn’t be at the top of the list.


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