Let me say this about Arkansas Weather

Okay, do you live in Arkansas? If so, then this little tidbit of info will be old news and you’ll just shake your head in agreement. Okay, are you bi-polar? If so, you and the weather in Arkansas are ALIKE! WOOHOO you do have a friend! (I’m kidding. Take it easy.) On Monday our weather was gorgeous…blue skies and around 70 degrees. 43be86b85bcbd2d338687f79cf2a84aaWe just sat outside, I had the flu so it was the first time I was out of my bed in several days. And it was wonderful. Then time passed…not a lot of time…maybe 24 hours…and it became freezing…then it started to rain…now they are talking about snow…this all happened in four days. Oh Arkansas, make up your mind!

Regardless of the weather outside I’m all sunshinesmiley today! I get to go on a “Girls Weekend” with some of my favorite girls from high school…really it’s all the way back to elementary school but who’s counting?! I honestly do not know what we are getting into. And I find that fascinating. Mainly because I’m a control freak. I like to know things and I like to plan things. So, I’m trying to be cooler this year and go with the flow. HAHA. If you know me at all you know this is hilarious, but seriously I am trying.

I hope the weather is nice in your area. I hope the weather is nice in the area I am headed to…even though I just got word that I need to pack “summer” clothes….OKAY!


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