A food blog. Yeah, no.

So I just looked all through this woman named Julie’s food blog. It is awesome. Very bright, vibrant colors that accentuate the fresh, non-burnt food she has plastered on there. I literally had a thought and then laughed in my head at that thought…

What if I had a food blog…

But you see, mine would be with a twist. It would be all the brownish, gray colors that my background theme is plus all the burnt toast, poured cereal and the twisted grimaces of my three children (plus husband) as they try my cooking. I think it could be revolutionary. A non-domestic goddess…whatever the opposite of Julia Child would be…a terribly, terrible chef…whatever the clever name could be…I can see this thing really taking off. It would by my mini-version of the pinterest fails site, but it’s actually my real life.

But then. Nah. I embarrass myself enough without adding it to the interweb.


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