Christian Cleavage is probably the best title ever. Ha.

BUT Let’s be honest. Standards/Rules need to be in place in schools for people who have no sense, but when you think about it…what I wear should have no bearing on whether or not I have false motives or that a man can’t control his thoughts, that’s something he should work on personally. But it’s such a weird line, just like everything else about being a christian. Where you don’t want your brothers or sisters to stumble but how much weight should be put on a persons shoulders regarding someone else’s issues…I’m just glad there is a dialogue that isn’t exactly the same as everything else.

I can tell you this much… I wear the clothes I wear because:

1) they are cheap


2) they are comfortable

but there is never a thought that goes through my head where I think if I wear this dress people will look at me differently. Unless of course I’ve managed to tuck the back of my dress into my leggings.

Here’s the link to the article. I enjoyed it. I enjoy their magazine (Relevant) most of the time.

“Christian Cleavage” Probably Isn’t the Problem


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