Hello, if you don’t know me yet, my name is Nikki. I am old. I know this is a fact because I hurt all over. I didn’t have a wreck, I’m not sick with the flu but I ACHE. What had happened was…I worked out yesterday. There used to be days (yesteryear) where I could work out and didn’t even know what being sore was about. Now, not so much. Even though I workout more (& harder) than I did when I was in school being sore has slowly crept into my life. It makes me not want to workout. I think thoughts like, “If I don’t eat anything but spinach I won’t have to work out anymore…If I were to accidentally fall off the sidewalk then I wouldn’t be able to work out anymore…those are totally normal thoughts right?

Anyway, I did 500 squats yesterday. So forgive me for walking like a newborn calf.


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