I blame the weather.

My goal for this blog was to post several times a week. Honestly, once a week was even okay, but here lately I haven’t posted AT ALL! Like the title says, I blame the weather. I’ve written about the Arkansas weather before where it can be all different season in one day. Well here lately it has ONLY been winter. True Arkansans love snow for one day. Then we want it to go away until next year. This year we have had six (?) snow days. Like not go to school snow days. This is really hard on a person who has to work full time, but luckily my husband is a teacher so he has been able to stay at home w/ the kids. Let me tell you this also, I love teachers, my favorite person on Earth is a teacher, but I value teachers a little bit more now!

Now we have a “prediction” of snowy/icy weather for Wednesday. Let’s hope not!


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