Hormones. Hello.

I am 19 weeks pregnant. It’s the playoffs. It’s almost Thanksgiving. It’s almost my birthday (again). Oh and did I mention that I am pregnant?


Our team started of not so great…we ended up losing quite a bit of games this year and that isn’t what any team wants to do…especially after a phenomenal  year last year. But these guys have battled back…they are a completely new team…not just on the field but off the field as well. It just shows the kind of character that they have which I am so thankful for.

We have all of “our” coach’s position players over for dinner on Wednesday nights and we have the best ones on the team. They are all so well mannered and they play with our kids and it is such a joy having them in our home. Well as I said it’s playoffs…which means any game now could be the last one so any week now they won’t be over for dinner…so I am preparing some gifts for our two senior linebackers and I am kind of a mess. I am blaming it on hormones, but it makes me sad to think that these kids won’t be here next year. and the next and the next. No one told me that I would actually LIKE these boys!!

Luckily for us (because my kids love these boys) the two seniors have both signed on to play baseball for our alma mater, Henderson State University! So they will, almost literally, be playing ball in our back yard. So that’ll help my sadness…what a roller coaster being a part of the coach’s family has been this year. I know I will handle it better next year…I won’t be so PREGNANT!


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