Compliments of Grandma.

I have been so blessed being married to Ben. There are countless reasons: our kids, our church, our jobs. Really it would be pointless to list all the reasons why he is great, but the reason I am thinking about today is this: He has the best Grandparents. He has both sets. They’ve both been married to their spouse forever so there isn’t any step or half. (Not that that is a bad thing, but it is so different from my family). Today I was lucky enough to talk to his Grandma Doris, I don’t get to talk to them (her and Grandpa Lee) a lot because he can’t hear and she is terrible at technology so calling her is always hit and miss whether or not she can hit the proper button to talk…but today it worked. And she cried because she misses me and our fam. How sweet is that? But even sweeter she complimented me on how I handle her grandson’s job. She said she is amazed at how I can manage four little ones and still get to where we are going and do it half way right. She said that she had two boys and sometimes couldn’t make it work. She said if she had to deal with a football schedule she wouldn’t have been able to do it. This woman is the smartest lady that I know, she can do anything so this is such a compliment to me.



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