Getting It.

What do you know about people “getting it?” And when I say “people” here I’m even talking about the folks right around you, who know you well. Sometimes it feels like I am in a well of despair but instead of concrete walls going up it’s lined with kids, footballs, flags, black & white shirts, bills, money (floating away), places I am supposed to be, stinky laundry, clean (laying on a couch) laundry, fast food, gas stations, dirty cars…

I have had it today. I need to get FIVE kids picked up. I’m totally great with adding kids to our brood, especially this one because he is an awesome mannered fella, but I’ll tell ya, the thought of driving forEVER to get everyone before the places close is giving me anxiety. The real kind, where you feel it in your fingertips. It is making me frustrated, also, that I have to do it. Every day. Where in the world does it say the mom is the only person responsible for all the things?

Okay, rant over. FOR NOW. *insert maniacal cackle*


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