20 ways to keep your kid entertained in the stands….

Well let us see here, the goal was to do “50 ways to keep your kid entertained in the stands” but I am the opposite of an over-achiever so I halved then subtracted five and am hoping I can come up with 20 ways to keep your kid entertained in the stands…

First things first. Don’t cry, no matter how hard it is, don’t let those toddlers see your weak side…they’ll know how to get you then…

  1. Pre-game. For adults only…I’ll leave this here for funsies.
  2. Snacks, it’s an obvious one because if they’re eatin’ they may be sittin’.
  3. Playdough. The stuff is terrible, don’t get me wrong. I hate having it under my fingernails or the bottom of my pants, but it can keep little people’s attention longer than Barney the Badger fo sho.
  4. Coloring books and colored pencils…forget the crayons, they break way too easy!
  5. Books. My baby son likes to read…there is sure to be some cute girl running around that I can get to read to him while I watch the game.
  6. A friend. This is for the older ones, but occasionally it’ll be closing in on the end of the fourth and I have no idea where a kid is because they’ve been playing some where with their friend.
  7. A grandma. My mom will straight up run around for the whole three hours of a game to wear out my baby son.
  8. Benedryl….
  9. Balls. Football, soccer, baseball, tennis ball, beach ball. Throw a ball up in the air and watch them go nuts, then beat each other up trying to get it back.
  10. Bandaids for ^^.
  11. Bubbles. Kids are weird. They like bubbles.
  12. Binoculars. These are fun for “spying” on people or for the hardest game of EyE-SpY ever.
  13. Camera. My kids do not have phones so letting them walk around and take pictures is such a treat for them.
  14. A pillow and blanket because hopefully #8 has kicked in.
  15. A leash. I don’t know about your kid, but mine needs one after a second pack of skittles and then they can just sit there…and actually watch a game. (I don’t actually have a leash but I sure wouldn’t judge you if you got one.)
  16. Make friends with a cheerleader…this may seem weird but all kids love recognition so when they’re down there cheering and they wave or yell for your kid it brightens their whole face.
  17. Water bottles. The whole flip the bottle thing is so annoying but I tell you what, it entertains those little suckers FOREVER!
  18. Have them write out their Christmas list. HAHAHA
  19. Bring a babysitter. Just one picked out person who has to chase kids around and make them stop *whatever*…I have done this but not until play off time because let’s be honest…if we are in the coaching world we don’t have money for something like this every week…
  20. Scavenger hunt. Rock, twig, penny maybe even a random bottle camp? Don’t come back until you find them all.
  21. A BONUS because my husband thought of this one…A fitbit. Put it on your kid and if they have a buddy have them wear one and the first one to get two thousand steps wins…and then hopefully they’ll be so tired they’ll fall asleep fast too!



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